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The RGBW LED Tuner is made specifically for UI, UX, Engineers, or Designers to make their product development process easier, faster, and with less resources.  No more guessing, rewriting code, and waiting for engineers to re-flash your device only to find out the color is not what you expected. 

Simply plug in the device, turn each color knob until the desired LED output is reached, then read the RGBW values directly from the screen. Or use the RGBW Tuner App and start logging your favorite values directly to your PC!


  • USBC Powered
  • External RGBW LED Support
  • Enable/Disable On-Board LEDs
  • RGBW Tuner App for live logging
  • 8-Bit PWM Color Space (0-255 Values)
  • On-board Display of Real-Time RGBW Values 
  • Quick Tune On-Board RGBW LED's with Diffuser
  • Common Anode or Common Cathode External LED Support
  • Precise Control for all Four RGBW Values

Operating Specifications:

  • Input: 5V, 500mA
  • External LED Outputs: 5V PWM, 25mA Max (Per Channel, Current Limiting Resistors Not Included)
  • Environment: Indoor Use Only
  • RGBW Tuner App: PC Only (Mac version upon request)

Included Items:

  • 1x RGBW Tuner Device
  • 1x USB C Cable

 Support Links:

Important: please read and understand the instructions prior to utilizing the External LED connections! These connections are live when device is in operation and is intended for setup with external current limiting resistors. When in doubt please contact us or have your engineer consult the instruction manual.