How to Play Flip Cup


  1. Place your Vernie mat on a solid and flat surface with edges where two players can stand on either side. A table or countertop works best!

  2. Fill up the shot glass with your beverage of choice and place the filled shot glass at the center position labeled "START."

  3. Each player will stand on opposite sides of the table and place an empty cup slightly overhanging the edge of the table. 

  4. Announce 3, 2, 1, GO!

  5. On “GO”, use your index finger to tap the bottom edge of the cup until it flips over and lands upside down. 

  6. If your cup lands upside down, you advance your shot glass towards your opponent one space at a time. If both of your cups land upside down at the exact same time, the shot glass stays in its current position.

  7. Keep flipping until the shot glass lands in either you or your opponent's “DRINK!” position. The person who gets the shot glass to their opponent's "DRINK!" position first wins, and the loser has to take the shot.

  8. Do it again. :)

  9. When you’re finished, rinse your Vernie mat in warm water and air dry, or pop it in the top rack of your dishwasher for easy cleanup.


- Vernie & Cy